Registration and Login FAQs

Why register online?

  1. You can register whenever you like, from wherever you like.
  2. You can login and review your registrations.
  3. You can login and update your mailing address, email, or phone number.
  4. You get immediate access to the ACT Online Learning Community.

What is my ACT Online Account?

Your ACT Online account is used to login to the ACT Online Learning Community (AOLC) to participate in online discussion forums and online videos that you’ve subscribed to. You can also login to subscribe to new online videos or register for new live events at: or to print out receipts for events you’ve already attended.

I forgot or don’t know my username/password

  1. Go to 
  2. Follow the instructions under the header “Lost Password?”

I clicked on “sign-up now” but nothing happened

If you are trying to sign up in at:  but click on sign-up here with no results, JavaScript may not be enabled.

To check if JavaScript is enabled, go to this page, if it says you do not have javascript enabled, follow the instructions for enabling JavaScript in your browser.

I didn’t get my email confirmation

  1. Check your “trash” or “junk mail” folders.
  2. Add as a safe sender or allowed sender to your email program.

Please note that we’ve had some difficulties specifically with Telus email accounts. We are in contact with Telus to try and resolve this, but in the meantime, if you did try with a Telus account, please try another email address if you have one.

I’m having problems logging in to view video

For troubleshooting tips, see the Online Video Frequently Asked Questions page.