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New Social Thinking Article in Chinese: 社交思考、整合執行功能和心理衛生:社交、學業與情緒的相互影響

Posted October 2, 2015

社交思考、 整合執行功能和心理衛生: 社交、學業與情緒的相互影響 (“Social Thinking, Executive Functioning and Mental Health: The Interplay of the Social Mind, the Academic Load and Emotions”) is now available on the ‘ACT in Chinese’ page of the ACT website. 社交思考、 整合執行功能和心理衛生: 社交、學業與情緒的相互影響. The article, authored by Michelle Garcia Winner and translated by ACT Information Officer Christine Hung, briefly explains what social executive function is and how it can influence not only academics but also mental health.

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