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New Autism Video @ ACT – Navigating Puberty and Beyond

Posted June 26, 2015

Navigating Puberty, Adolescence and Beyond: Supporting Individuals with Neuro-Developmental Challenges

Is available free of charge, and on demand!

Presented by Joy Becker, RN, BSN

Joy Becker uses humour and insight to provide parents, caregivers, and professionals a foundation for teaching individuals with ASD and/or other special needs about sexuality and their bodies. It is geared to individuals with age-appropriate language skills and includes information about the sexual development of children, and the information they should understand at various stages of their development. It is designed to address the anxieties caregivers and parents may experience when they discuss sexuality with their children. Education can help children and young adults develop safe relationships and protect them from sexual exploitation, which is more likely to happen if children with special needs are not provided information.

Joy Becker, RN, BSN is a nurse educator who draws on many years of experience in educating teenagers with special needs. She emphasizes the importance of parents as the primary sexuality educators of their children. Ms. Becker has two sons on the autism spectrum and lives in Nanaimo.

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