Online Video FAQs

What is an ACT Online Video?

An ACT Online Video is streamed over the internet to be viewed on your computer when and where it’s convenient to you.

What are the advantages of watching an ACT Online Video?

  • You can watch it in your own home or office.
  • You can watch it at a time that works for you, and watch it in bits and pieces if you wish.
  • You can re-watch parts of a presentation as it becomes relevant to you or if you wish to share with a member of your home or school team.
  • With a projector, you can play the video for a group, making this a way to deliver training to a number of family or staff members at a very affordable cost.

What do I need to view an Online Video on my computer?

In order to view our videos you will need to have a consistent Internet connection. We also recommend privacy if you can manage it!

What does it cost?

ACT has recently made available all videos for free on a trial basis. We are currently seeking funding to develop more online training and development materials and to develop a new website to hold our online videos and community.

Group Presentations

ACT is delighted when groups of viewers are able to gather and watch a presentation together on a big screen using a projector. The high-resolution versions of our online videos have been provided especially for this purpose. If your community group or staff is interested in finding out more about this process, e-mail We will be pleased to support you with feedback forms and, of course, you can copy the presentation handbook for the group.

Technical Help

Individuals with good internet connections generally have no problems viewing our Online Videos. If you do experience difficulties, please read our section on technical troubleshooting tips below. ACT’s staff are not technical experts: If you continue to have problems please consult someone nearby who is knowledgeable about streaming video.

For assistance with subscribing or logging in, please consult our Online Registration FAQs

My video is loading slowly…

An internet connection (via ADSL or cable modem) is required to view Online Video presentations. ACT provides two versions of our online videos: high resolution and low resolution to ensure that the videos can be accessed and enjoyed by people with various internet connection speeds. If you have a slower connection, please view the low resolution video and allow time for the video to load before viewing to ensure a smooth viewing experience.

Video/Audio is Out of Sync

If you are watching video and performing other tasks on your computer, the video may become out of sync. Hitting ‘Refresh’ on your browser will bring the video back into sync.

If you plan to show this video to a group, or to view it at a special time, make sure you have tried the test or preview video in advance, and resolved any problems that might arise.

No Audio

Here are three things to check:

    • Your speakers or headphones are plugged in and turned on and the volume is turned up.
    • That the volume for the video is not muted. Check mute-button.
    • That the volume on the video is turned up.  Check volume-slider.

No Video

You may have an older version of Adobe Flash Player (you need at least version 10.1), please download the newest version, and try again. You may have to uninstall Adobe Flash Player before installing a newer version.

iPad & iPhone with No Adobe Flash Player

Our videos are able to be viewed on iPad & iPhones with Retina displays through the use of HTML5 (no flash required). For other models of iPhone & iPad you can search Google for “flash browser for ipad” or “flash browser for iphone” and try out one of those options.

There’s a Message Saying, “200, Stream not found…”

Please email or call ACT at 1-866-939-5188 and inform us of what video you are trying to view.

Why doesn’t ACT record all their workshops?

We cannot record all of our events. This is sometimes because the topic is “in flux” and will be quickly out of date. Some presenters prefer not to be videotaped. It’s a significant investment of time and money for us to record, edit and provide access to the videos, so we choose our videos carefully.

We welcome your feedback on suggested topics or sources of funding:


All content included in these online videos is the exclusive property of ACT – Autism Community Training Society (“ACT”) and/or the speakers and is protected by Canadian and international copyright laws. These online videos are for viewing on ACT’s website only. By accessing these videos for viewing, you agree that you understand and consent to comply with the terms and conditions of this paragraph and any other terms and conditions set by ACT from time to time for such access. Any unauthorized use of these videos including, without limitation, the downloading and sharing of these videos, for any purpose without ACT’s prior written consent, is prohibited and unlawful, regardless of the format or medium used. ACT reserves the right to take legal action without prior notice against anyone who contravenes this paragraph or otherwise breaches the privacy rights of the families and persons depicted in ACT’s videos.