Upcoming Videos for Autism Videos @ ACT (AVA)

Thank you to our Donors and Sponsors

Autism Videos @ ACT (AVA) is a free online video library about all facets of raising a child or youth with autism, funded largely through donations and sponsorship.

On Saturday, June 25th, 2016, cyclists embarked on an ultra-intense 12 kilometer ride up Mount Seymour in North Vancouver to raise funds to allow ACT to expand AVA’s offerings. They exceeded the goal of raising $10,000. For a complete list of riders and donors, see the Thank You page on the Seymour Triple G site.

It is thanks to the efforts of riders and donors from across the province that ACT can begin tackling the backlog of videos we have recorded at our live events but that we have not had the resources to prepare for AVA. See below for a list of recordings that ACT is preparing for AVA.

Background on AVA

In 2015, ACT released a new, free, online video platform — AVA – Autism Videos @ ACT to better serve the autism community no matter where parents or professionals live, providing access to practical information that users can share with family, team members or colleagues.

AVA – Autism Videos @ ACT covers issues across the lifespan of individuals with autism. ACT provides non-commercial, evidence-based information and training on ASD to parents and professionals – the most comprehensive community-level autism information service in Canada. Grounded in research and good practice, they provide reliable, non-commercial information to help professionals and parents maximize the positive impact of providing fun and functional therapy for children with ASD. Many videos are relevant to a variety of children with special needs other than autism. As of June 2016, AVA has 16 free online videos, available where you want, when you want and as often as you like. Watch them now.

Highlights of Autism Videos @ ACT (AVA)

  • Free — no login required
  • 16 videos on diverse topics
  • An easy-to-navigate site with videos and additional resources
  • Videos are professionally filmed and edited
  • Each video is divided into short chunks to ease busy schedules
  • Viewable on smart phones and tablets
  • Available in high- and low-definition, to support lower-speed Internet

Videos coming August 2016 – Thanks to the Seymour Triple G

More Videos Awaiting Editing

If you would like to donate to Autism Videos @ ACT, you can donate securely online at Chimp or Canada Helps. For more information on donating to ACT, see our Donations Page.