Vancouver Symphony Orchestra Relaxed Performance


Thursday, March 16    
11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Event host

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra
604.684.9100 ex 246

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra is excited to be having our first Relaxed Performance on March 16th at 11:30am at the Orpheum (during Spring Break). Children of all ages, families, all neurodivergent community members, and those who simply want a more relaxed performance experience are welcome to this one-hour, sensory-friendly performance.  

Relaxed Performances have become a defined term in the performing arts, as performances specially designed to welcome a neurodiverse audience, and audiences that may perceive stresses or barriers in a more formal concert setting.

This relaxed performance is part of the dress rehearsal before a concert. Just like a concert, the orchestra runs through their program in an informal setting. Other elements that make this a relaxed performance include:

  • Movement and noise are welcome. Enjoy the concert as it fits your needs!
  • The conductor will introduce the music and interact with the audience.
  • There will be a more limited capacity than usual to allow for empty rows towards the back of the auditorium for those that would like to move around throughout the concert.  
  • House lights will be only slightly dimmed, allowing for comfort and a more informal environment.  
  • A separate relaxed space in the lobby is available if you need to step out of the concert hall.  
  • A limited number of ear plugs are available on-site and can be requested in the lobby. Please feel free to bring your own ear coverings or sensory devices.
  • A pre-event visual guide is available on our website.

Please check this link for more information and tickets:,a%20more%20relaxed%20performance%20experience.

We look forward to having you join us!

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra Relaxed Performance

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