Triple P Parenting Program (Positive Parenting Program)


Saturday, June 6 - Saturday, August 8    
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm


Online via Zoom
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Raminder Kaur

Triple P™ is an evidence-based parenting program that teaches parents and/or caregivers a variety of positive parenting skills that promote positive interactions with their child. Standard Stepping Stones” is a program designed for parents with children who has a developmental disability (e.g. Down syndrome, Autism spectrum disorder) or other learning challenges (i.e., attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

Interactive training for parents:

  1. How to bring out the best in your child.
  2. How to teach important functional skills and behaviours.
  3. How to manage misbehaviour during parenting routines.
  4. How to plan ahead to ensure a successful routine/outing/activity.
  5. Implementing parenting routines

Delivery of the training:

Time:  The training program is delivered over the course of ten weeks with seven sessions online and three phone sessions. It is facilitated by Triple P Accredited certified Behaviour Consultant.

Languages: English, Punjabi and Hindi.

Nature of the training: The delivery of the session depends upon parent’s level of knowledge and understanding based on applied behaviour analysis principles. The training will be tailored accordingly, depending upon the family’s concerns regarding their child’s behaviour.  The training will offered every week consecutively over the period of 2.5 months.

Setting of the training: This training can be offered in a group setting as well as a 1:1 format in the comfort of family’s home depending upon the individualized needs of the family.

Raminder Kaur
Accredited Trained Triple P Practitioner
Standard Stepping Stone
Group Stepping Stone  
Contact: 778-5529-992     Email:

Apart from this training, family will be supported as moving forward by phone consultation on emerging needs as well”


Triple P Parenting Program (Positive Parenting Program)
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