Mandt Training

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Friday, January 26, 2024    
9:00 am - 4:00 pm


King George Hub
9850 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC, V3T0P9

Event host

West Coast Centre for Learning
[email protected]

The Mandt System teaches concepts and evidence-based techniques. That means that our training is flexible and adaptable to your specific workplace.

Our training program begins with a focus on building healthy relationships between people to promote workplace safety. We require this as an aspect of our further training programs. Before trainers can be certified in any other aspect of our program, they must be certified in the relational chapters. We do this because the benefits of relationships when de-escalating crisis situations are unmatched.

  • Maintaining healthy relationships between people can result in:
  • Ensuring safety (physical, psychological, social, and emotional)
  • Understanding perception of others and your own
  • Meeting needs
  • Achieving goals

Once team members have completed the relational skills of The Mandt System, they can move on to the conceptual training if desired, to learn more about trauma-informed care and positive behaviour supports needed to maintain workplace safety. This training allows you to take a crisis approach that keeps each person involved safe and risk-free.

Available Individual Training:

Relational Level Training (Chapters 1-3):

  • Building Healthy Relationships — Foundational Beliefs, Working as a Team, Dealing with Emotions,
  • Causes of Stress, and Crisis Cycle.
  • Building Healthy Communication — Nonverbal Elements in Communication, Vocal Elements in Communication, Verbal Elements in Communication: Strategies for De-escalation.
  • Building Healthy Conflict Resolution — Communicating through Problem Solving, Problem Solving Techniques.

One Day Training – Relational Training $299

Our One Day training consists of the Relational training and is conducted by our experienced certified trainers. Participants receive Mandt certification and a certificate of training.

Certification is valid for 1 year.

Winter Session: Friday January 26, 2024 — 9am to 4pm


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