Mandt Training – In Person (Surrey)


Friday, May 5 - Saturday, May 6    
9:00 am - 4:45 pm

Event host

West Coast Centre for Learning
778 839 5515

The Mandt System is:

Relationship Based Crisis Interaction – Used extensively across Canada, the focus of Mandt is on building trust and supporting students, not just their behaviours. Building positive, healthy relationships where students live, learn, work and play is the ultimate goal of our training programs.

Behavioural Crisis Interaction Training – Providing the tools for parents & educators to manage themselves first before attempting to manage the behaviours of students. By recognizing the early warning signs of potentially aggressive behaviours, we teach parents & educators at all levels of the school community to interact proactively. Our primary focus is on prevention rather than de-escalation.

Training for Educators – Providing training for parents, teachers, EA’s, and administrative personnel. The various training programs provide the skills needed to build positive healthy relationships, better understand issues for trauma and behaviour, and gain interaction skills for all students, including students at risk for disruptive or violent behaviour.

Key Benefits:

  • By preventing violence and aggression, students and staff are safer.
  • By understanding the context of the behaviour of students, staff respond instead of react and address the safety needs of all people.
  • Increase the quality of staff relationships and the therapeutic environment.
  • Build confidence in responding to events and reduce fear in crisis situations.
  • Create an environment of dignity and respect that support positive interactions with others.
  • Concepts and skills can be and should be taught to students and their families.
  • Support the development of positive attitudes and philosophy for crisis situations by all people certified in The Mandt System®.
  • Reduce the frequency, intensity, duration and need of physical restraints incidents.
  • Provide basic tools and techniques for a safe and respectful workplace.
  • Reduce crisis incidents resulting in less workplace stress.

Available Training:

Relational Level Training:

  • Building Healthy Relationships — Foundational Beliefs, Working as a Team, Dealing with Emotions,
  • Causes of Stress, and Crisis Cycle.
  • Building Healthy Communication — Nonverbal Elements in Communication, Vocal Elements in Communication, Verbal Elements in Communication: Strategies for De-escalation.
  • Building Healthy Conflict Resolution — Communicating through Problem Solving, Problem Solving Techniques.
  • Conceptual/Technical Level Training:

    • Trauma Informed Services – to help staff better work with people who have experienced trauma
    • Positive Behavior Supports—Supporting people not just their behaviours
    • Legal and Liability Issues—foundational legal and liability issues regarding support Medical Risk Factors—an overview of risk factors in use of physical restraint
    • Assisting—Body Mechanics, stances, physical supports to assist people,
    • Separating—physical techniques in separating people
    • Physical Restraint (prerequisite is the Relational Level, Medical Risk Factors and other Technical chapters)

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Location of training will be in Surrey.  Location TBA

Mandt Training - In Person (Surrey)

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