Mandt Training for Families


Wednesday, May 3 - Wednesday, May 17    
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Event host

West Coast Centre for Learning

Mandt for Families is a person-centered, values-based process that encourages positive interactions among family members and is delivered over Zoom in three 90 minute sessions.

Mandt for Families creates a simple yet effective way of introducing the concept that if you can manage and control yourself you can then better interact with other people. New behaviours are taught to replace behaviours labeled as challenging. This replacement behaviour serves to support and empower family members to feel safe in their relationships. This feeling of safety and empowerment opens the doors to healthy development, growth, learning, work, play and living.

Through Mandt for Families, family members are empowered to be active participants in the process of learning, growing and healing. Families are strengthened so they can build healthy relationships, not just among themselves, but with others.

Why families need this knowledge:

  • Mandt teaches families to recognize unmet needs as the reason for behaviours often labeled as challenging
  • Mandt teaches families to resolve conflict in ways that maintain or build healthy relationships rather than tearing them down
  • Mandt provides insight into the importance of approaching parenting and caregiving as a relationship-based process
  • Mandt impresses the belief that all family members have the right to be treated with dignity and respect
  • Mandt teaches a gradually progressive system of alternatives that involves the least restrictive means of interpersonal interaction

In a home which functions on a solid foundation of healthy and positive relationships, parents raise their children with love, provide for their physical and emotional needs and teach them to have dignity and respect for all. By using The Mandt System®, families can build a strong foundation in which all people can say: “In this place, and with these people, I feel safe.

Registration includes materials and attendance for parent/s. Autism Funding can be used. Visit our website for more information and to register 

Mandt Training for Families

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