Loneliness, Depression and Anger Management


Saturday, May 28    
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Event host

778 478-3436

Are you suffering from loneliness and depression? Do you find that you have challenges with managing your anger these days?  If you would like help overcoming these sometimes crippling emotions, this is the workshop for you!  Adults age 19 and over with Autism (ASD) or other diversabilites are invited to attend this wonderful, free ZOOM workshop.  

Join expert Alysha Donko, Clinical Supervisor at posAbilities, Laural Behaviour Support Services, as she presents this two-part workshop.  Alysha has a Masters in Applied Behaviour Analysis and Autism. She is regularly involved in delivering workshops and training to parents and other service providers.  

In the first part of her presentation, she will focus on overcoming feelings of loneliness and depression, by learning about different ways to connect with other and learn strategies to cope with symptoms of depression.  In the second part, focus will be on anger management, where participants will map out their own escalation cycles and triggers as well as learn about warning signs and go through coping tools.

This workshop is one of eight FREE ZOOM workshop being offered to self-advocates in B.C. by the Okanagan Self-Advocate Group in Kelowna.

To register or for more information contact Linda Youmans, Okanagan Self-Advocate Group Advisor

E-mail: okanaganselfadvocategroup15@yahoo.com
Phone:  1 (778) 478-3436

Loneliness, Depression and Anger Management

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