GIRLS CLUB Monthly Zoom Parties


Sunday, September 6    
11:00 am - 11:30 am

Event host


Everyone wants to feel like they belong – to have a group, a squad, a tribe, some homegirls, besties, BFFs…  a circle that is just theirs.
GIRLS CLUB is that.

The purpose of GIRLS CLUB is to provide:

  • Community, connection, friendship and fun

  • Parents of girls a chance to connect

    + MOSTLY: to give our girls a chance to be themselves, and to see themselves in others… to form meaningful connections with girls who feel like them, are like-minded, and share a similar experience of the world. It’s a place to feel like you BELONG, and are not in any way “the other.”


We’ll send out the link and announce the theme/topic about 1 week before each Zoom party.

As always, the important thing is that the girls have a chance to be themselves and to participate in ways that feel good to them – so it’s fine if some want to observe without engaging directly, and it’s fine if some feel chatty + excited. All participation styles are honoured equally!
This is new to us too, so:
• Feel free to share ideas + feedback with us
• Thank you for your patience as we figure out what topics, themes, activities + level of interaction works best for our girls

View the GIRLS CLUB Zoom Parties flyer or visit for more information.

GIRLS CLUB Monthly Zoom Parties

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