Gaining Student Cooperation: The First Step to Learning and Inclusion


Friday, October 25    
8:30 am - 3:30 pm


SFU Harbour Centre
515 west hastings st., Vancouver, BC

Event host


POPARD’s District Training Model

Friday, October 25th, 2019

Alexandra Voroshina, MA, BCBA
Georgina Robinson, PhD
Provincial Outreach Program for Autism and Related Disorders (POPARD)

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One of the greatest challenges faced by school district staff is how to teach students when they have persistent difficulty following instructions. Gaining student cooperation is vital to set the groundwork for learning in an inclusive classroom. In this one-day presentation, Alexandra Voroshina will present an overview of POPARD’s Student Cooperation Training (SCT) Model. This approach to intervention rooted in Behaviour Skills Training and Applied Behaviour Analysis creates lasting change and increases capacity across multiple layers of the school system. It targets an individual student, but includes training the classroom and school team, and requires district staff to participate and then replicate the model with support from POPARD.

The original seven-district POPARD pilot project of the SCT Model demonstrated that targeting skill development of school and district staff in:

  • An increase from an average of 30% to an average of 80% in successful teaching techniques.
  • Growth in teacher confidence as a result of their students demonstrating positive behaviour change – the pre-requisite for learning.
  • Consistent improvement in student skills, as demonstrated by acquisition data.
  • Increased quality of life reported by family members, in both home and school environments.

The original pilot has now been expanded to three additional districts as part of this new service now being offered by POPARD.

Through a multimedia presentation, participants will learn how the Student Cooperation Training Model can help build capacity across the province. The components of training and outcomes will be outlined. There will be the opportunity to discuss ways in which POPARD can support, through the involvement of its educational consultants, the implementation of this model in the school environment, with ample opportunity for performance feedback.


Gaining Student Cooperation: The First Step to Learning and Inclusion
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