FSI Learning Explorations -Trauma Informed Practice


Wednesday, October 14    
7:00 am - 9:00 am

Event host

Family Support Institute of BC
604-540-8374 ext. 521

Join us on October 14th  for: Trauma Informed Practice with Galen Hutcheson

This workshop provides an updated understanding of trauma informed practice, a theoretical framework informed by neuroscience with practical easy to understand tools, practices, and strategies to deepen your understanding of a growing body of trauma informed knowledge. Participants will come away with enhanced awareness of the value of self-regulation, co-regulation, and tools for connection as ways to support clients in their volunteer capacity.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Participants will learn an updated view of trauma via Neurobiology & The Signs and Symptoms of Trauma
  • Participants will gain a deepened understanding of Trauma and the Body: and the human “Threat-Response Cycle”
  • Volunteers will learn specific tips and tools to help support clients in building a Safer Space for Trauma Healing
  • Participants will be introduced to a Brief Overview of Therapeutic Models that are Congruent with a Trauma-informed Practice and Facilitating the Healing Process
  • Volunteers will learn about aspects of self/ co regulation via the “Window of Tolerance”, and Titration
  • Participants will learn tools and strategies for Helping Clients Build Resilience and the Role of Lifestyle in Healing including a focus on Compassion.

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FSI Learning Explorations -Trauma Informed Practice

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