FSI Learning Explorations – Parent Perspective: Care for the Caregiver


Monday, December 7    
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Event host

Family Support Institute of BC
604-540-8374 ext. 521

Join us on December 7th  for: Parent Perspective: Care for the Caregiver with Russell Pohl

Join Russell Pohl as he chats through humour, the importance of self-care and how we go about ensuring not only ourselves have self-care but the people around us. During this chat Russell will reference his family throughout through interactive storytelling.

Learning Outcomes:

Learn how to carve out time for self-care

  • Understand why self-care is so important
  • Learn a bit about anxiety and how to lesson anxiety with self-care
  • Explore humor and the important role it plays in self-care

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Russell Pohl and his husband have been professional parents for the last 20 years. Russell has been involved with the fostering world through his previous role as the President of the BC Federation of Foster Parents. As Support Advocacy Manager, he participated in the making of several videos, including one based on self-care. Recently retired, he and his husband have adopted eight children, two of whom live with autism. Russell continues to speak on a variety of issues surrounding fostering, adoption, and LGBTQ, throughout BC, Canada, and the Pacific Northwest. Over twenty years in the field, he recognized the need to take care of himself, his husband, and his family. To maintain health, self-stability, and to keep his family on a healthy path, he quickly realized how important self-care is. Self-care comes in a variety of ways, and people interpret self-care in different ways. As a publisher, a writer, a businessperson, a speaker, a chef, an activist, an advocate, a teacher, a husband, a father, he continues to live life with passion. He enjoys life to the fullest. Russell uses his life, volunteer experiences, and family-related stories to walk us through a humorous journey.

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FSI Learning Explorations - Parent Perspective: Care for the Caregiver

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