FSI Learning Explorations – Microboards and Individualized Funding

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Monday, May 31, 2021    
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Event host

Family Support Institute of BC
604-540-8374 x 521
[email protected]

Join Caitlin Goodsell on May 31st for Microboards and Individualized Funding.

Microboards are small non-profit societies created by family and friends to provide personalized support for a person with disabilities. Microboards may go on to contract for government funds so that they can hire and direct their own support staff. The focus of the Microboard is supporting the person to have an inclusive life in their community.

Individualized Funding is a payment option available through Community Living BC (CLBC) that allows individuals with disabilities and their families to customize and direct the paid services they have through CLBC. This can be done either through a Host Agency agreement, or through Direct Payment – we will discuss and explore each option.

In this workshop, you will learn about; the intention behind Microboards and how they are created, the different options available through Individualized Funding, and how Vela supports both of these models.

Learning Outcomes:

• Learn the philosophy and intention behind Microboards and what makes them unique
• Learn about the available payment options through Individualized Funding
• Understand Vela’s role in assisting families and individuals with the creation of Microboards and/or set up of Individualized Funding supports
• Learn from stories of other peoples’ experiences with Microboards and Individualized Funding.”

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FSI Learning Explorations - Microboards and Individualized Funding

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