FSI Learning Explorations – Making Friends, Keeping Friends


Thursday, January 26    
10:00 am - 11:30 am

Event host


Join us on January 26th  for   Making Friends, Keeping Friends  with Shelley Nessman.

Connections and friendships are imperative for many different reasons. Statistics say that loneliness is as great a health determinant as smoking! To have and be a friend is critical to our well-being and the experience of friendship brings meaning to all our lives. This workshop will highlight practical ways to support and enhance opportunities for people who are more vulnerable and isolated as a result of their experience with disability. Emphasis will be on supporting natural connections between home, school and community, as well as strategies for developing more intentional connections and friendship possibilities. The concept known as the “Circle of Friends” will be discussed, provided information and ideas on how to develop a circle/network.

Learning outcomes:

• Be introduced to the importance of connections and friendships in the context of isolated and vulnerable people
• Explore key methods used in supporting people to make connections
• Develop an understanding of the Circle of Friends concept
• Share stories of the importance of their own friendships and friendships of their loved ones

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FSI Learning Explorations - Making Friends, Keeping Friends

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