FSI Learning Explorations – Kindergarten Transitions


Thursday, March 2    
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Event host


Join us March 2, 2023 for Kindergarten Transitions with Tracey Beckett & Cari Rawling

SESSION INFO: The transition from preschool into school can be particularly challenging for parents and their children when extra supports are required: and extra care is needed to ensure a smooth process. This workshop is designed for both parents and professionals to learn new tools and strategies for sound planning during any transition years.

Learning Outcomes:

• Participants will learn four fundamentals to help have a smooth transition to Kindergarten
• Learn firsthand transferable skills through group activities
• Identify tools that can assist the transition to Kindergarten
• Identify who on your family’s existing support team can assist with Kindergarten transition


Tracey Beckett, s a social worker who has dedicated more than 20 years in a variety of family support roles. Tracey found her passion when she had to rise up and advocate for her daughter to have the same opportunities as her typical peers. She is committed to promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities in education, employment, and beyond. Tracey is currently the Regional Network Coordinator for the Family Support Institute of BC. When she’s not working, you will find her on the sidelines cheering for her kids or on a trail in the great outdoors!

Cari Rawling is the Northeast Regional Coordinator for the Family Support Institute. Cari is the mom of two boys, both with diverse abilities, and through them, she has navigated various school systems from public to online distance learning. Cari holds a diploma in Early Childhood Education and is deeply committed to strengthening families during their transition, from Early Learning to school. Currently, she works as a StrongStart Educator for School District #28 and the Family Support Institute.


FSI Learning Explorations - Kindergarten Transitions

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