Autism and Sleep (Online)


Saturday, May 30    
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Event host

Let’s talk about sleep with Behaviour Analyst, Hilary McClinton of Coastal Ridge Behaviour and Sleep Solutions.

We’ll talk about:
1. Kids on the spectrum can learn to sleep better! There is a common assumption, often perpetuated by the medical community, that our kids just don’t sleep well and medication is recommended.
2. Healthy sleep is the foundation of all other “pillars” of health, for kids and adults.
3. Sleep training sounds daunting — it is not a one size fits all and is about teaching, it should be individualized and doable for parents.
4. Q and A time*

*Hilary cannot give advice on specific situations, but we welcome general questions regarding the topic.

About the Speaker’s Nicole and Hilary:

Hilary is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and a Registered Autism Service Provider (RASP) in B.C. (Category A) with a Masters in Special Education at UBC.

She has worked within the autism community in B.C. for more than 20 years, in a variety of positions and settings. Her experience began in home and clinical residential settings, developing support plans for challenging behaviour. She then started focusing on home-based support, and collaborating with schools.

Hilary’s practice now focuses on working with families in their homes on practical solutions for meaningful change, specializing in infant/toddler intervention. Hilary feels that adding pediatric sleep to her expertise has been a huge asset, both with sleep in her own home, and those of the families she serves.

Nicole Shallow: Nicole became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in March 2019 with a Masters in Special Education – Concentration in Autism and Developmental Disabilities. She is a Category A – Registered Autism Service Provider (RASP) in British Columbia . She gained experience working with senior behaviour analysts to implement natural environment teaching, developing play-based programming, collaborating with schools and other professionals, providing parent support and training of support staff. Recently, in her private practice, she has become more focused on empowering families to be a part of developing and implementing practical solutions to help improve the overall quality of life. Within the scope of applied behaviour analysis, she is most interested in sleep coaching and providing families with the tools to support their child towards the goal of independent and healthy sleep.

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Autism and Sleep (Online)

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