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Posted January 29, 2015

Beth Ann Malow Sleep 2As B.C.’s largest provider of community-level autism training and support, we know that not everyone can attend our live events. Online presentations allow ACT to serve the autism community no matter where our viewers live, providing access to practical information, allowing you to watch when and where you wish, and to review or share the parts that are relevant to your family, team members or colleagues. Did you know that AVA has international users from Katmandu to Nairobi, as well as from across B.C. and Canada? No matter where parents and professionals live, they tell us they appreciate our non-commercial, positive information about living with autism.

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Autism Videos @ ACT is possible thanks to many different collaborations.

ACT is very grateful to the generosity of the many parents who have allowed ACT to use videos of their families to educate the broader community about the tremendous potential of children with autism — and the crucial role of parent training and engagement. These videos demonstrate that effective treatment involves the whole family.

AVA has been possible thanks to the presenters who allow us to record them, demonstrating their commitment to knowledge translation by their willingness to share their research and clinical experience.

Support from Simon Fraser University’s Creative Services
Sponsorship from SFU’s Department of Psychology and SFU’s team of professional videographers who record and edit our videos, have enabled ACT to provide highly professional videos.

Platform Sponsors 
Thanks to our platform sponsors, we were able to develop this new platform to make navigation and access easier in 2014. This was made possible thanks to Row4Autism and ELS for Autism Canada.

Sponsors for Individual Videos
Sponsorship for individual videos support production costs, maintenance and content development. AVA is only possible thanks to Row4Autism, Canucks Autism Network, Autism Speaks Canada, B.C.’s Ministry of Children and Family Development, NeuroDevNet, Autism Speaks – Autism Treatment Network/ Autism Intervention Research Network on Physical Health.

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