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Posted June 29, 2013

ACT Staff Update

  • Ruby Bhandal is ACT’s new administrative assistant. A fluent Punjabi speaker, Ruby will have special responsibility as a Community Outreach Officer, for raising awareness of autism and ACT’s services within the Indo-Canadian community. Kaitlyn Janzen, who has done an outstanding job at ACT, is moving back to the Fraser Valley for a career in human resources.
  • Corey Sanford is ACT’s new website officer. A familiar face at ACT, Corey has begun the process of developing a new website which is scheduled for completion by the end of the summer. Dominic Linder is following his passion for web development and is working on an exciting start-up project in the U.S.
  • Yasmin Ullah is filling a summer position at ACT as an administrative assistant supported by funding from the federal student employment program. Yasmin will be answering telephones, taking registrations. Yasmin, who has a brother with autism, speaks Thai as well as excellent English.