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Road Cyclists Raise over $15,000 for ACT!

Photo by Clare Yow

Photo by Clare Yow

ACT is very pleased to announce that we raised over $15,000 at the 1st Annual Seymour Triple G fundraiser, thanks to the support from the cycling community and in particular, LomaBike and all our donors and sponsors. To see the complete list of our supporters, visit the Seymour Triple G Thank You page, or download the Thank You Brochure.

The ride took place on Saturday, June 25th, it was an ultra-intense 12 kilometer ride up Mt. Seymour to raise money and awareness for ACT – Autism Community Training. Cyclists braved the ride up Mt Seymour, with the last few kilometers shrouded in dense fog. The top male rider, Paul Moffat made it in 41 minutes. He was closely followed by Morgan Cabot, top female cyclist. They both won a Mt. Seymour Ski Pass.

What’s Next for Autism Videos @ ACT

The goal of the Seymour Triple G was to raise money for the Autism Videos @ ACT. Thanks to the funds raised, ACT has hired an autism specialist to help edit the 10 presentations we have waiting to be added to Autism Videos @ ACT including:

  • Thriving in Youth with ASD – What Does it Take?
  • Positive Behavior Support: What Parents Need to Know!
  • Taking Control of the Future – Planning for Families with Special Needs
Photo by Leo Yu

Photo by Leo Yu

Visit the ACT site for a full list of videos ready for editing and publication.There are currently 16 free online videos available, tackling everything from sleep to early intervention. Browse videos here:


For more information on the ride or to donate, visit

Photo by Robin Bains

Photo by Robin Bains


New AID Resources for B.C. Families & Professionals

New AID Resources for B.C. Families & Professionals

The Autism Information Database (AID) hosts over 2,000 information and community resources. ACT’s staff source great information resources internationally as well as B.C- based support groups and service providers. We want to ensure we cover the province – please submit a new resource from your community.

Summer Camps Searchable on the AID

In May we have been busy collecting information on summer camps – summer is almost here and camps are filling up fast. There are currently over 100 B.C. summer camps listed on the AID. Narrow the search further by searching a specific city or use your postal code to see the closest options. A few examples of camps available on the AID:

  • The Canucks Autism Network (CAN) is running a Multisport Day Camp at the Shawblanknigan Lake School July 16 &17. See the AID link for CAN’s Vancouver Island programs for details.
  • Summer Social offers campers the opportunity to connect with peers while learning Social Thinking
  • The Hands on Summer Camp from the Elizabeth Buckley School offers programming based on science, technology, engineering, arts and math and is for typical children as well as those with special needs, ages 4-12.

New Tool: Identifying Levels of Social Communication

CanChild researchers at McMaster University have developed a new tool to help identify levels of social communication skills among children with ASD. The Autism Classification System of Functioning: Social Communication (ACSF:SC) provides a standardized and simplified way for clinicians, therapists, teachers, and parents to talk about what a child’s social communication abilities are. See the AID to read up on this new tool for details and contact information.

Video: The History of Autism and Vaccines

A link to The Vaccines Controversy: The history of the alleged relationship between autism and vaccine is available on the AID. This eight minute video explains the alleged link between vaccines and ASD and outlines various research studies.

ACT Funded by Canada Summer Jobs to Hire Students to Enhance the AID

ACT has received funding from Canada Summer Jobs to hire two summer students to work on the AID and other projects. This federal program helps not-for-profits like ACT to create summer job opportunities to allow students to gain experience.

Penticton Walmart associates donate $2,000


ACT was thrilled to receive a $2,000 donation from the associates at Penticton Walmart. The press release is below.

Penticton Walmart associates donate $2,000 to autism charity

Penticton – Associates at Walmart Penticton have raised $2,000 to support families with children with autism.  Assistant Manager Dan Bigelow and his associates chose ACT – Autism Community Training (ACT) to be the recipient of the funds that they raised. “My son was recently diagnosed with autism – our family appreciates that the great resources that ACT provides are free to families throughout B.C.”, explains Bigelow.

Deborah Pugh, ACT’s Executive Director, will be in Penticton on Tuesday, June 14th, to accept a cheque on behalf of ACT at a presentation by associates from Walmart Penticton and to hold an information session for families. ACT is B.C.’s leading not-for-profit society, providing objective information on autism and support to families across B.C. by phone and online.

ACT has ear-marked this generous donation to support ACT’s Seymour Triple G fundraiser, which will benefit Autism Videos @ ACT (AVA). AVA hosts 16 free online videos providing high-quality training for families affected by autism across the province. For more information and to donate to Seymour Triple G go to

John Carinha, the father of a 11-year-old son with autism, and the Vice-President of ACT’s Board of Directors, is the driving force behind the Seymour Triple G Road Cycle event and is a huge supporter of Autism Videos @ ACT.

“Across B.C., families are desperate for high quality information and ACT has leading autism professionals on video providing families practical, down to earth solutions for the things that really worry them – including how to get kids with autism involved in community recreation”, Carinha explains, adding, “It’s a great resource but we need to expand it which is why we appreciate the support of Dan Bigelow and his associates at Walmart Penticton.”

The Parent Information Session will be at the Penticton Ramada from 10:30 -12:30 on June 14th.

For more information visit ACT’s website at or call toll-free 1-866-939-5188 or email


Quick Facts:

About Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • 1 in 61 children in B.C. have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
  • Average age of diagnosis in B.C. is 6 ½ years
  • Over 11,000 families in B.C. have a child with ASD

Seymour Triple G Road Cycling Fundraiser

  • On Saturday, June 25th, road cyclists will climb Mount Seymour in North Vancouver, a 15km ride up a 7-10% grade – an elevation gain of 900 meters.  This course is so tough there is no category for it.
  • The Triple G fundraiser has already raised over $5,000; the goal is to raise $10,000 for Autism Videos @ ACT – a free online video library sharing practical, research-based information to help parents understand their child’s needs and how to support them to reach their potential.

About ACT – Autism Community Training

  • Since 2005, ACT has provided evidence-based information and training on autism to parents and professionals – it is the most comprehensive community-level information service in B.C.;
  • ACT’s services support individuals with autism to live productive, satisfying lives within their communities by ensuring that families and professionals, wherever they live in B.C., have access to ACT’s free information, training and support services, including:
  • ACT hosted 26 live events in 2015, supported through registration fees and sponsorship.
  • There are over 100,000 visits to ACT’s website from around B.C. annually.
  • ACT is a registered charity; charitable tax number is #861691236RR0001. | 1-866-939-5188 (toll-free) or 604-205-5467 |




Seeking Translators in Arabic, Persian (Farsi) and Spanish

ACT Seeking Designer & Translators in Arabic, Persian (Farsi) and Spanish

ACT is seeking to contract professional translators to translate MCFD’s A Parent’s Handbook: Your Guide to Autism Programs into Arabic, Persian (Farsi) or Spanish. A knowledge of autism and how the Autism Funding Programs work in B.C. is desirable. Interested candidates should contact Christine Hung for more information.

ACT has already identified translation teams for the Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean and Punjabi versions of the Handbook. (See the MCFD News Release for details on this project) Work is beginning in June. If you are a native speaker of any of these languages and you would like to volunteer to proof or advise on wording, please contact Christine. As each version is completed we will announce it in the News Round-Up.

ACT is also seeking a contract print media designer, highly skilled in Adobe InDesign to support this project. Send your CV to Christine Hung