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Families in Crises: news of the tragedy in Prince Rupert

The heartbreaking and preventable deaths of a mother and her teenage son with autism in Prince Rupert earlier this month (see Province article) has highlighted the lack of a well-developed strategy in B.C. to respond to families in crisis. On April 25th Global Unfiltered featured a discussion on the underlining issues we face in British Columbia.

The report on the 25th followed a month-long series by Global looking at autism: treatment, causes and the impact on families, featuring many families and professionals working and living with autism in B.C. Some of the stories they featured were:

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Invitation to Present at the 1st Annual Canadian Social Thinking Providers Conference

Social Thinking and ACT – Autism Community Training are collaborating to bring you the 1st Annual Canadian Social Thinking Providers Conference.

A special feature of this event will be the opportunity for Canadian practitioners of Social Thinking to present on innovative ways that they have used Social Thinking Techniques in their practice. For details and to access the application to present, download this PDF.
The deadline to send your application to ACT is May 23, 2014.

Register Online, use our Registration Form (pdf) or call 604-205-5467 or toll-free 1-866-939-5188

April is Autism Awareness Month – Time to Vaccinate!

April is Autism Awareness Month – Time to Vaccinate!

April Autism Awareness Month  coincides this year with a sharp increase in the number of people infected with measles in B.C. – now nearly 400, more than anywhere else in North America. This is attributed to the declining number of children being vaccinated. At ACT we follow the research into autism carefully; we have compiled the following resources to help families consider the excellent public health information which supports the need to vaccinate our children.

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Autism awareness in Ottawa and the House of Commons

On the occasion of World Autism Awareness Day, M.P’s from all parties gave M.P. Mike Lake a standing ovation as he spoke of his son, Jaden.

On Parliament Hill throughout the day, activities were organized to raise awareness of M.P.’s and Senators. Organizations from across Canada have come together to press for more action to help individuals with autism and their families. Representing B.C. are:

  • Deborah Pugh, ACT’s Executive Director,
  • Wendy and Sergio Cocchia from Pacific Autism Family Centre and
  • Dan Goldowitz from NeuroDevNet.

Tonight Parliament Hill will ‘go blue’ to mark April 2, 2014, the 7th Celebration of World Autism Awareness Day since the declaration of the United Nations.