Monthly Archives: December 2013

Reducing barriers for persons with disabilities: join the conversation

The BC Government is holding province-wide conversations until March 2014 on how government, businesses and communities can better support people with disabilities to fully participant in our communities.

There are conversations on:

  • Innovation (participation, solutions, choices)
  • Personal Supports (assistive technology, aids and devices)
  • Work and Contributions (employment, inclusion, employers, volunteer)
  • Housing and Accessibility (accessibility, universal design, built environment)
  • Social Networks (community, inclusion, family)
  • Asset Accumulation (RDSP, security, financial literacy)

See the Disability White Paper page for more information on in-person community consultations, and online conversations.

Community consultations will be held in communities across B.C. including Courtney, Quesnel, Surrey, Victoria, Abbotsford and more. Please consult the website for the upcoming schedule and more locations. 

Continuing Education Units from BC-ABA for upcoming ACT events

BC-ABA will make CEUs available for BCBAs and BCaBAs at two Spring 2014 ACT events:

5.5 Continuing Education Units for Dr. Pat Mirenda’s Toilet Training: It’s Never too Late event on February 28, 2014 (Vancouver).

6.5 Continuing Education Units for Dr. Stephanie Jull’s Ready Set Coach: Supporting Kids with Autism in Community Recreation Activities event on March 1, 2014 (Vancouver).