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Roles and Tasks for Transition Planning Team Members

A key resource for planning for adulthood in B.C. is the “Roles and Tasks Timeline” for parents and service providers seeking information on transition planning within secondary schools.  The chart presents the framework of how a transition plan should be developed and implemented, based on age and team member responsibility.   It elaborates on the transition tasks that schools, caregivers, and community organizations should be completing from ages 14 through 19. This  resource and other information about Transition Planning can be found on the ACT Information Database (AID) .

ACT Staffing Updates

ACT Staff Update

  • Ruby Bhandal is ACT’s new administrative assistant. A fluent Punjabi speaker, Ruby will have special responsibility as a Community Outreach Officer, for raising awareness of autism and ACT’s services within the Indo-Canadian community. Kaitlyn Janzen, who has done an outstanding job at ACT, is moving back to the Fraser Valley for a career in human resources.
  • Corey Sanford is ACT’s new website officer. A familiar face at ACT, Corey has begun the process of developing a new website which is scheduled for completion by the end of the summer. Dominic Linder is following his passion for web development and is working on an exciting start-up project in the U.S.
  • Yasmin Ullah is filling a summer position at ACT as an administrative assistant supported by funding from the federal student employment program. Yasmin will be answering telephones, taking registrations. Yasmin, who has a brother with autism, speaks Thai as well as excellent English.

Shop Talk – A Free Group for Fathers of Children with Autism

UBC graduate student, Miriam Elfert is looking for fathers living in the Metro Vancouver area who are interested in joining a free fathers’ group as part of a UBC research project. ‘Shop Talk’ has been developed for fathers of children with autism to meet and discuss their experiences of parenting. Small groups will talk about different topics every week, including stress management, and how having a child with autism has affected relationships with friends and family members. Fathers will have the opportunity to learn new strategies and skills for parenting a child with autism and how to become a more effective parent and partner/spouse.

For more information, and to see if you fit the project’s parameters, please call Miriam Elfert at (604) 677-7911 or email .

For more information, download the PDF