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B.C. Artist J.A. Tan wins U.N. Competition with “Victory”

AJ Tan Stamp

The United Nations, in its search for inspiring artists with autism from around the world, has chosen a work by J.A. Tan, a member of the B.C. autism community and winner of ACT’s 2011 art competition. A graduate of Emily Carr University of Art and Design,  J.A. Tan’s work will be featured in a series of stamps that the U.N. Postal Administration (UNPA) will issue on 2 April 2012, in recognition of World Autism Day. The stamps, and the artists who designed them, will together raise awareness about this important global cause.  Visit ACT’s office to see two of J.A.’s works.

See the full press release from the U.N.


“One young boy negotiating the world in a way he knows. One young boy listening to a different tune as he makes sense of the world around.Not an easy task as he perceives the world differently from others. He is met with confused looks, angry looks, disturbed looks, happy looks, questioning looks… so many questions but no one answer. Yet this young boy continues on his journey never giving up…until… Supported by his immediate family – all five of them always a strong presence in his life – friends, and professionals this young boy today has claimed victory over the many challenges of his life. Today, with happy faces around him he shows the world the “victory” of an artist with autism achieved with patience, discipline, perseverance, love, and a positive attitude.”

-J.A. Tan 2011