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ACT News Round-Up: Register for events online with parent bursary, Autism in the News, BC Resources and Autism Information redesign

Posted February 5, 2018

Upcoming ACT Events

New! Parents of children with ASD can now
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Parents are no longer required to call or email to use MCFD event bursaries.

“I’m going to be a video game designer!”

Helping Teens Prepare for the REAL Adult World

February 23rd, 2018, Sidney
with Pamela Crooke, PhD, CC  C-SLP
Director, Social Thinking Training and Speakers’ Collaborative, San Jose, California

At ACT, we hear from many families concerned that their teens with ASD are unprepared to graduate. Academically able students also need help to develop the life skills they need to thrive in higher education and employment. School and home teams are more effective when they consider these issues at 12 rather than 17!

This one day workshop with Dr. Pamela Crooke, who works extensively with able teens and young adults, will provide school teams and parents with a practical approach to helping young people with ASD thrive either in higher education or employment.

Event Details & Registration

blankFaster than a Speeding Bullet:

iPads in Autism Intervention

March 10th, 2018, Vancouver
with Dr. Brenda Fossett

Since the iPad was first released in 2010, the use of iPads and other tablets have become common learning tool in the educational environment. For individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities, they have been seen as “miracle” devices. However, for these devices to be effective, there is a lot to be considered.

This workshop will review a number of skill areas in which the iPad can be a useful instructional tool and/or an aid for daily living. Current research regarding the effectiveness of iPad and other tablet-based applications in a variety of skill areas, including communication, academic, daily living, social and employment skills will be reviewed.

Relevant apps will be discussed and/or demonstrated. This presentation will address the age range, from young children to adult. It is aimed at those who need considerable support in communication and behaviour.

Event Details & Registration

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Bursaries for those most in need, including para-professionals, parents who have children with special needs other than autism, adults with ASD, and professionals who need to travel outside of their home regions are also available, to the best of our financial ability. We will also be providing reduced registration fees to attend our web streamed events. For information on how to apply for an ACT bursary, please visit the Bursaries FAQ page

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Our new office is located at
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Our recently re-designed portals to Autism Information and BC Resources are now available. These pages make it easier than ever to discover ACT’s autism resources, community events, and information in multiple languages.

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Autism in the News

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