RASP Profiles

ACT is Redeveloping the RASP Profile Submission Format

ACT is redeveloping the RASP profile form to make it easier for professionals to submit and for families to review. ACT will inform all Behavior Consultants when the revised form is available for submissions.

Online RASP Profiles for Behavior Consultants

As there is no professional college for Behavior Consultants, ACT has developed an online profile process to help families better understand the education and experience of Behavior Consultants. Even if you are not taking new clients at this time, if you are a Behavior Consultant, we want your profile, too!

Feedback we have received strongly suggests that doing so benefits both families and Behavior Consultants. For example, families have told us they appreciate having as much information as possible when it comes to the often-daunting task of identifying the right professional for their child. Behavior Consultants have noted they benefit by being able to engage in more substantive discussions with interested families who already have the basic information. Statistics from the ACT website demonstrate that the profiles are one of the most popular areas on our busy website.

Funding permitting, we would also like to provide this service to other categories of RASP professionals.