Step 4: Hiring and Contracting with a Service Provider

Important considerations before hiring a professional

Although the government of B.C. is providing the funding for a child’s program, it is the parent who takes responsibility for spending the funds wisely. Essentially, the parent is entering into a private contract with a service provider.

  • Do not rush into signing a contract. 
  • Will the approach to treatment work for your family?
    • Are the listening to your family’s priorities?
    • How many direct hours of intervention for your child odes their program provide?
    • What are the costs?
    • Are you expected to implement the strategies? How much support will you get?
    • How much time can you contribute to managing the people coming into your home to provide therapy?
    • Is there a centre-based program which offers a better fit?

These are all considerations you can discuss with an ACT Information Officer 

  • Make sure you understand the contract.
  • Require a monthly invoice.