Estate Planning for Families Who Have Children with Special Needs in B.C.

Presented by
Blair DwyerDwyer Tax Lawyers, Victoria, BC
Recorded April 9, 2010, in Vancouver

About the Presentation

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The purpose of this presentation is to provide important information for parents of children with special needs on how best to plan for your child’s future. This presentation will cover both how to maximize the child’s future financial security and how to protect that security once the parent is no longer able to do so.

The goals of the presentation are to:

  • give you a better understanding of the full range of planning opportunities that are available to you;
  • see how those planning strategies might be used to accomplish your own planning objectives;
  • enable you to articulate your planning objectives and communicate those objectives to a professional advisor;
  • help you to act with more confidence when selecting and retaining professional advisors to develop and implement your own personal gain;
  • help you to remain in control of the development and implementation of your plan.

This video is divided into four sections:

  • Section 1: Planning Ahead (1 hour and 37 minutes)
    What is Estate Planning?Lifetime planning: financial and health care
  • Section 2: Trusts and Trustees (1 hour and 7 minutes)
    How to select and appoint trusteesDescribing types of trusts
  • Section 3: Estate Planning (1 hour and 10 minutes)
    Managing Capital gains taxHow to protect your child’s assetsWriting willsReal estate planning: joint tenancy
  • Section 4: Registered Disability Savings Plan (RSPSs) (1 hour and 7 minutes long)
    Wills and probateDifferent ways of contributing to an RDSP

About the Presenter

Blair Dwyer is a well known Canadian tax lawyer and head of Dwyer Tax Lawyers. He is the author of several publications on Canadian tax law and he has taught Advanced Taxation at the University of Victoria. He is the father of two children on the autism spectrum and is a member of the ACT Advisory Council.

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Bursaries for low-income participants are available for B.C. residents. These are available for all parents who have children with special needs, regardless of diagnosis. For more information see ACT’s Bursaries page before registering.

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Comments from the Live Event

  • “Provided thought provoking information which showed me that I need to discuss and research our situation before deciding on a plan”
  • “Excellent”
  • “Helpful info for providing benefits to our children – how to help now as well as later”