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The ACT Online Learning Community (AOLC) has been developed by ACT - Autism Community Training to enrich the information and training resources that ACT provides to parents and professionals across BC who are supporting individuals with ASD.


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ACT thanks NeuroDevNet and Autism Speaks Canada for funding contributions to the production of some of our online videos.

The foundational support ACT receives from the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development has been essential to our abilities to develop our resources.

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 Video: What is ABA and Why is it Important in the Treatment of Autism?Summary
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 Video: The Art of AdvocacySummary
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 Video: Education, Integration, Inclusion: Key Information for Parents of Children with Special NeedsSummary
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 Solving Sleep Problems with Children with ASD
 Canadian Social Thinking Providers Conference
 Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders: Practical Applications (POPARD)Summary
 Annual Focus on ResearchSummary
 Teaching Social Thinking Through Stories and Play for Preschool and Early Elementary School
 Diagnosing and Treating Young Children with ASD: the Potential of Community-based Diagnosis & TreatmentSummary
 Sibshop TrainingSummary

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 Zooming In - Social Communicators in the Classroom, Playground and at HomeSummary
 Navigating Puberty and Adolescence: An Introduction for School Teams and ParentsSummary
 Functional Analysis & Treatment of Severe Behavior Disorders Methods for Clinicians and Educators
 Technology for Your Toolbox: Boardmaker and iPadSummary
 Social Thinking and Transition Planning for the Adult World and Real Life
 Transforming Parent-Child Interaction with Positive Behavior SupportSummary
 The Science of Making Friends: Teaching Social Skills to Teens and Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders
 Real Work for Real Pay: a Public MeetingThis course allows guest users to enterSummary
 Ready, Set, Coach: Supporting Kids with Autism in Community Recreation ActivitiesSummary
 Getting Ready for the New World - How Schools and Families Can Prepare Adolescents with Autism for the Social Challenges of AdulthoodSummary
 Social Thinking Meets RTI and PBSSummary
 Introduction to the Assessment of Functional Living Skills (the AFLS): Administration, Analysis and Program DevelopmentSummary
 Preventing Challenging Behaviors: Prevent - Teach - ReinforceSummary
 PEERS 4 Day Advanced Training for ProfessionalsSummary
 Michelle Garcia Winner & Carol Gray Together at the Vancouver Convention CentreSummary
 2012 Vancouver Island and Autism and Associated Conditions ConferenceSummary
 Emotion Management, Relationships, Healthy Sexuality for Individuals with Asperger's SyndromeSummary
 4th Annual BC-ABA conferenceSummary
 Beyond Wants and Needs - Supporting Social Interactions Between Students with ASD and Their PeersSummary
 The Prevention and Treatment of Problem Behavior
 Autism for Educators of School-Age ChildrenSummary
 Two Days of Social Thinking with Michelle Garcia WinnerSummary
 Addressing Autism Across the Lifespan - A Symposium on Building a British Columbia Where Adults with ASD can Thrive
 Autism and The SCERTS Model: Next Generation Practices for Children & Their FamiliesSummary
 Parent Support Group Facilitators (Autism Speaks grant)Summary
 Test Community SpaceThis course allows guest users to enterThis course requires an enrolment key
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Picture of Amy
Free Videos from 2013 Focus on Research
by Amy - Thursday, 10 October 2013, 03:40 PM
  This summer ACT has been busy editing videos of presentations that were originally part of the extremely successful 9th Annual Focus on Research event. They are now available, free of charge, at the ACT Online Learning Community, thanks to funding from NeuroDevNet and Autism Speaks Canada:

  • Understanding the Decision-Making Process of Parents Who Choose Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Their Children with ASD – Tara Hodgson, RN, MSN, B.C. Institute of Technology.
  • Emergency Services, Hospitalizations and Mental Health Care for Adolescents and Adults with ASD – Jonathan Weiss, Ph.D., C. Psych., Chair in ASD Treatment and Care Research, York University
  • Quality of Life Among Families Living with ASD – Grace Iarocci, Ph.D., R.Psych & Emily Gardiner, M.A., Simon Fraser University.
  • Blueprint for University Transition Year Programs for Persons with Autism – Joseph Z. Shepperd, B.A., Co-Director of the Centre for Autism Research, Technology and Education, University of Victoria.

We are continuing to work on editing more videos.
Picture of Amy
"Guest" Access
by Amy - Wednesday, 19 June 2013, 04:00 PM
  We've made our free items more accessible to visitors to our site! You can now login as a "guest" to any of our free sections of the AOLC.

This includes:
Event Feedback:


Free Video: Best Practices in Early Intervention, Helping Families Build the “Team”

If you login as a "guest" (it will remind you in the upper right corner), you will have "read-only" access - so you won't be able to add to the conversation. To sign up for a free login, go to:
Picture of Amy
New Video: “Best Practices in Early Intervention” by Dr. Karen Bopp
by Amy - Tuesday, 22 January 2013, 01:26 PM
  Thanks to the sponsorship by NeuroDevNet and MCFD, we are able to offer a new video of a talk given by Dr. Karen Bopp, Best Practices in Early Intervention: Helping Families Build the “Team”. This video provides an excellent introduction to different treatment approaches and a focus on developing collaborative partnerships to enhance outcomes for children with ASD.

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    Free Videos from 2013 Focus on Research more...
  • 19 Jun, 16:00
    "Guest" Access more...
  • 22 Jan, 13:26
    New Video: “Best Practices in Early Intervention” by Dr. Karen Bopp more...